We are proud to be associated with the best elevator and accessibility devices’ manufacturers in the world with products of the highest quality continually being improved with the latest state of the art technology.

As such, the real cost for the end user of either a vertical elevation System or a horizontal accessibility system is made up of:

System Real Cost = Purchasing Price + (Energy Consumption Cost + Maintenance Cost) x Years of Operation

The Purchasing price is one of the decision – making factors, often one of the most important, when selecting the type of
system to install, but the Energy Consumption & Maintenance Costs are in the long term, even more important.

A successful elevator, dumbwaiter, or accessibility system not only improves access in your building, but also raises the value of your property. Uganda Elevator Company respects your investment and we look forward to working with you in developing, implementing, and servicing your next project.

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  • Construction and Installation Standard Specifications Elevator specification is about finding the right elevator for your building and needs while ma
  • Maintenance Elevator Safety One of our primary goals is to help you ensure safety for your building and its occupants. Our field pe
  • Testing and Inspections We examine all safety devices including governors and conduct an annual safety test. We provide a written report of the
  • Modernization Modernization not only contributes to tenant and visitor satisfaction, but also keeps older buildings competitive with n
  • Repairs Uganda Elevator Company understands the hardships caused by a vertical elevation system in need of repair, including red

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