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Elevator Safety

One of our primary goals is to help you ensure safety for your building and its occupants. Our field personnel are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your requests.

The following situations represent fundamental elevator safety failures. If your equipment meets any of these criteria, please call Uganda Elevator Company to correct the problem. Remember, do not attempt to fix elevator safety failures on your own! We encourage new and existing customers to contact us. Arranging for service now promotes safety and protects the life of your equipment.

When should I call Uganda Elevator Company?

  • If your elevator is not level with floors when it stops.
  • If your elevator does not return to the lowest landing and open its doors during a power failure.
  • If your emergency light does not work when there is a power failure.
  • If your emergency bell does not work, or if others outside of the elevator cannot hear the bell’s sound.
  • If your elevator phone does not have a 24-hour/7-day-a-week operator on the other end.
  • If your elevator doors do not have an electronic detector to reopen doors.
  • If you do not have a preventative maintenance program that provides regular systematic visits.

Tips For Personal Maintenance

Owner initiated maintenance practices help prevent unforeseen repairs and increase the life of equipment in conjunction with a Uganda Elevator Company service package. Here are some tips for independently maintaining your elevator system to ensure elevator safety and satisfaction:

  • Keep a daily log regarding the operation of your Elevators.
  • Observe the safety features provided on your elevator daily.
  • Provide your employees with an emergency rescue procedure for entrapments. Contact Uganda Elevator Company for guidelines or trainings on developing elevator emergency rescue procedures. In addition, we recommend that you provide Uganda Elevator Company with your emergency contact information.
  • Routinely review your records and satisfaction level with your elevator providers. We encourage you to be proactive about your elevator service package to minimize unneeded repairs or down elevators and increase visitor and occupant satisfaction.
  • Calculate your Mean Time Between Callbacks (MTBC) – number of units* number of days/number of calls.

Your independent elevator maintenance routine should be combined with an elevator maintenance package.


What makes Uganda Elevator Company’s maintenance right for you?

  • Uganda Elevator Company designs customized service contracts to meet your specific needs while avoiding unnecessary costs.
  • Uganda Elevator Company is a comprehensive service and elevator installation provider – we offer a one-stop shop for your equipment’s needs.
  • Uganda Elevator Company offers 24/7 on-call service to minimize your equipment’s down time.
  • Uganda Elevator Company’s team of Elevator Technicians, veteran supervisors, and Qualified Elevator Inspectors deliver consistent and timely quality service.

Uganda Elevator Company is Equipped for Your Maintenance Needs:

  • Uganda Elevator Company has diagnostic tools, comprehensive wiring diagram library, machine shop, and vehicle inventory at its immediate disposal to respond to your specific maintenance requirements.
  • Uganda Elevator Company completes time-tested maintenance check charts, oil logs, and trouble call logs to produce an up-to-date picture of your maintenance needs.
  • Uganda Elevator Company uses electronic dispatching and computerized tracking of calls and visitations to ensure efficiency in service.

Uganda Elevator Company’s comprehensive maintenance operation combines unparalleled technical expertise with superior customer service. We apply foresight and precision to ensure clients’ diverse needs are consistently met. As a result, Uganda Elevator Company boasts not only a 95% customer retention rate, but also numerous long-term client relationships, spanning as long as 37 years. Our positive customer relationships are mutually beneficial as our quality service increases the value and reliability of your equipment.

Uganda Elevator Company works closely with customers to develop both on-site and off-site maintenance packages that meet your needs and budget. On-site services include routine preventive maintenance. Uganda Elevator Company also provides operational support to customers through electronic dispatch support, supplying on-staff Qualified Elevator Inspectors, and computerized tracking of calls and visitations.

Uganda Elevator Company meets customers’ needs with both scheduled and on-call services. Supervised by industry veterans with 155+ years of combined experience, our in-house Elevator Technicians also draw on machine shop, wiring diagram library, and vehicle inventory to successfully maintain over 140 units of all makes and models. We service elevators manufactured by: Otis, Monitor, Sciindler, Kone, Thyssenkrupp,Ceam, Maspero, New lift, SKG, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Fuji, Symax and many more.

With a variety of maintenance options for you to choose from, you can design a service package that meets your specific needs. Generally, Uganda Elevator Company begins with two types of service agreements to meet your needs and the needs of your equipment:

Full Maintenance Agreement

Under our Full Maintenance Agreement, Uganda Elevator Company provides regular, systematic preventive maintenance (usually monthly), as well as regular time trouble calls and repairs, which includes most labor and materials. The Full Maintenance program allows you to more accurately budget for the annual cost of your elevator. We consider numerous factors, including equipment age, condition, type, frequency of use, any pre-maintenance repairs required prior to program initiation, and your budget to determine if this is the right program for you. All of Uganda Elevator Company maintenance
agreements can be customized to your needs.

Lubrication, Examination, and Minor Adjustment Agreement

Your maintenance needs may better be served under the Lubrication, Examination, and Minor Adjustment Agreement. Uganda Elevator Company considers the factors listed in the Full Maintenance Agreement, as well as others, to recommend this alternative agreement. The Lubrication, Examination, and Minor Adjustment Agreement is popular with clients whose equipment receives less traffic, including churches, schools and other applications where there is limited use of the elevators.

This agreement is often the coverage for handicap lifts that may be used infrequently. The Lubrication, Examination, and Minor Adjustment Agreement are also extended to those units that may not qualify for Full Maintenance coverage. The Lubrication, Examination, and Minor Adjustment Agreement offers the same preventive maintenance program as the Full Maintenance, however the frequency may vary, including monthly, quarterly, biannually,
based on your needs and the requirements of the equipment and building.

All of Uganda Elevator Company maintenance agreements can be customized to your needs. We look forward to learning about your maintenance needs and arranging a service program that meets your requirements and budget. Please contact us to learn more about our offerings or arrange a quote.

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