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ESCALATOR FAMILY: harmonic, functional and safe working movement

Escalator and Passenger Conveyor - These products are to be positioned on markets looking for reliability and functionality, first.
The Escalator Family choices and technological solutions match two essential fundamentals: comfort and efficiency for users on
one side, reduction of the installation and after sale times on the other.

The Escalator Family range is covering 3 basic models:

  • Escalators, suitable for medium traffic (shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, etc.), whose main advantages are the comfort and the noiseless running, without renouncing the speed and safety.
  • Escalators, suitable for heavy duty (such as airports, undergrounds, subways, exhibitions, etc.) and customized according to client’s specifications, even by keeping its main comfort features.

Passenger Conveyors, whose high efficiency and easiness on their after sale service make them suitable for airports, shopping malls and exhibition installations. The Escalator Family advantages allow facing any architectural, functional and safe working needs; these are the key factors:

  • Proven and tested performances, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a maintenance cycle reduced to the minimum.
  • Energy saving monitored through a flexible system according to the traffic peaks.
  • Up-to-date and customized design allowing the client to select both the most appropriate outside cladding and all those details allowing the product to harmonize with the building style.
  • Safety and functionality, exceeding the standard requested from the market.


The Escalator range has been designed to satisfy all specific needs either in case of traffic coming from a shopping mall or on a public building (corporations, hospitals, etc.), such as a hotel or in case of heavy traffic, such as an airport or an exhibition Centre, this is to provide a proper working and aesthetical solution at all times.

Escalator for private use - This escalator is specifically designed with elegance, good design, free structure and graceful style. The escalator is particularly suitable for shopping centers, banks, hotels, etc.

Escalator for public use - This escalator is a heavy duty escalator for public use, specially designed for intense people traffic, both indoor and outdoor. It has a very strong structure and reinforced components aimed at facing a guaranteed reliability 24 hours a day. This escalator is ideal for railway stations, subways and airport.

Passenger Conveyor / Trav-o-lator

Passenger Conveyor is a fully robotized unit, born to match both the comfort and the capability to manage heavy traffics of people. By providing the choice of transporting people either horizontally or inclined makes this product particularly suitable in airports (people with luggage), shopping malls (people with caddies), and allowing reliable and safe connections. It is possible to even design robotized paths, through a combination involving escalators and conveyors, making each building section easily reachable.

Passenger conveyors options include horizontal, 1 curve and 2 curves. The passenger conveyors, come in three versions: horizontal and inclined, without flat steps at the end of the run, until 6°, then inclined, with flat step at the end of the run, from 10° to 12° and inclined, with flat step both at the start and at the end of the run, from 10° to 12°, these options can solve any problem where large numbers of people are expected. This is ideal for shopping centers and airports.


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